Our Contributors


Cat Langran

I like to experience wilderness and the natural world. I can often be found sketching sheltered behind a rock with all weathers hurtling at me, trying to capture a wave in watercolour or taking my camera for a walk in case the perfect moment happens.


Hip Star Designs

Im a local Designer based in Somerset, Donyatt I have a BAhons in Textiles Print Design and studied at Falmouth University.
I mainly work with watercolours and inks, I find these are the most subtle and delicate mediums of choice also full of texture. Wildlife, florals and abstract are my signature designs for Hip-Star which give a sense of connection and movement throughout my paintings.


Louis Benoit

Louis is an illustrator, and tends to use pen and ink which allow him the immediacy,chaos and control these tools afford.
His work has a raw vitality, irreverence, and  humour, but also a sensitivity that is irresistible.


John Ramsden

My passion is photography, and I have been fortunate to travel to some very remote areas of the world.
This has enabled me to capture some amazing wildlife moments . When in the UK , i concentrate on our varied landscapes


Andree Frances

I am a textile designer , and have always been fascinated by design and colour for use in the home.
My designs are varied , to accommodate all ages , tastes and lifestyles.